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Welcome to Science of Music

A website dedicated to understanding the nature of music.

The science of music is the study of pitches and their interrelationships which deliver meaningful experiences to us. It’s a science that has been developed for centuries by great musicians.

The Science of Music School is an initiative by David Frankel that aims to provide people with a clearer understanding of music. Our articles and videos offer everyone a chance to discover the nature of Music. Our private classes offer people of all levels a chance to develop musicality and learn advanced musical skills. Skills such as singing in tune, playing music freely and naturally, improvisation, and composition, and all accompanied by a clear understanding of music.

David Frankel devotes his time to opening the doors to the language of music for everyone. David’s new method conveys the nature of music with utmost clarity, allowing people to learn skills that were previously thought to be unattainable, and allowing “non-musical” people to become musical. As David says, “Music is a language that can be learned just like we can learn verbal languages.”

Although Music appears magical, it is a science.

David Frankel